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Is It Time To Write Your Business Building Book?

Have you thought about writing the book that will build your business?

Are you struggling to get started or finished, not sure how to nail your content, or worried about how to turn your ideas into a book that people can't wait to read?

Are you concerned about how to ​get your book published and how to then actually market and sell your book effectively?

I'm Karen Williams, Book Mentor and bestselling author. I help coaches, therapists and other service based business owners to write the book that will help them to build their business.

I'll take you through the process to go from your initial idea to publication and marketing, and all the steps in between - including writing it!

I'd like to help you to write the book that enables you to grow your business, reach more people, and do more of what you love.

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Having a partner was really important to me and having the encouragement to get the book done has been invaluable. Karen gave me the short-cuts with her expertise. She’s done the legwork so I didn’t have to, as I didn’t want to learn the technical stuff. This was an amazing plus for me.

We worked together on a plan which was broken into manageable chunks, and this plan was the linchpin that enabled me to do it.eat to outsmart cancer book cover. Now I’ve written the book and my Mum’s very proud!

It’s elevated my profile, and I’ve been running Eat to Outsmart Cancer workshops across the UK. The book has helped and I can’t wait to be able to offer the book so that people can not only be inspired but have something to take away with them.

It has really helped working with Karen, because you make the commitment and have the support in place to help you. If there’s something in your business that you excel at, a book is a perfect thing to do. 

Jenny Phillips
Inspired Nutrition and author of Eat to OUTSMART Cancer.

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