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How easy is it to become an Amazon bestseller?

Last week I held the online Amazon launch for Book Marketing Made Simple, and it hit the no. 1 bestseller spot.

But that wasn’t the sole purpose of my book launch.

It was part of a bigger plan to help reach more people with the book, and support those who wish to write and publish their books successfully.

However, the resulting Amazon bestseller status certainly made it worthwhile putting the launch plans into place!

I’m often asked ‘How easy is it to become an Amazon bestseller and hit the no. 1 spot?’ So I decided to share my thoughts in this blog.

On the fundraiser with Alisoun Mackenzie and Kim Macloud on Monday, we talked about the difference between becoming an Amazon bestseller and hitting the no. 1 spot. Because if you only do the bestseller plan, become a number 1, and then do nothing else, your book is unlikely to achieve the long term success that you desire.

To be honest, it’s pretty easy to hit the number one spot if you offer your book for free or for a low cost no-brainer price. Although that gives you a quick win, it doesn’t necessarily give you long term results.

My Amazon book launch experience

My most recent online Amazon launch for Book Marketing Made Simple took 3 months of planning. There are 7 main steps that helps a book to reach the no. 1 spot and keeps the momentum going after the launch.

The first of these is to set a launch date. Mine was 7 June. I’ve been asked about the significance of this date, and it was simply far enough in advance to plan and to be sure that my book was published! I also wanted a date that was mid-week, so that my ideal audience would hear about the book launch, and not be overshadowed by other events like school holidays – although I hadn’t anticipated a general election on the following day when I set the launch date!

I also had almost 100 people supporting me with the launch. This is another important factor – and step 3 in the book launch plan. This included those who shared the launch with their mailing list, some who signed up for Thunderclap or shared the launch on social media, and others who asked me to write a guest blog for their audience or interviewed me online.

Now you may not wish to spend so much time planning a launch like I did. But the launch for me was just one of many strategies to market this book.

Launching your book with a bang gives your book a great start in life, and many more things will come off the back of your initial offer. It gives you a date on which all your efforts are focused on. Then you can look at keeping the momentum going after you’ve launched it.

What can you do to ensure your Amazon book launch goes well?

Here are 5 things to consider.

1. Have a good plan – there are 7 steps I follow each time I do a book launch, which are all integral to reach the number one spot on Amazon (and sell lots of copies!).

2. Have a great book – your book reflects your brand, so having a good quality book is essential, one that’s designed well inside and out and has informative and useful content for your readers.

3. Set up your book well on Amazon in advance of your launch – including a clear description of what your book is about and who it’s for, in the right category, with the right keywords, and a strong Author Central profile.

4. Get lots of reviews – Amazon is the main place where people buy books in the UK, so the earlier that you get good reviews, the more this will influence your buyers. So it’s an important long term strategy.

5. Get support for your launch – I know I’ve already mentioned this, but this is so important that I need to mention it twice! Helping your supporters will also make it easy for them to support your launch.

How can you hold your own successful Amazon book launch?

As this is now my third online launch and I’ve also taken clients through this process, luckily for you, I’ve documented everything that I’ve done.

I want to be able to show you everything I’ve followed for this launch to be successful, including all of the templates, how I’ve approached my supporters, and the 7 steps to launch. Grab your copy of The Book Launch Blueprint and I’ll show you how you can do your own successful launch and get your book out there with a bang!

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