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Why your book needs Amazon reviews

Amazon reviews

I was recently recommended a book by a member of my community, and automatically went onto Amazon to find it. Although it was only recently released, it had no Amazon reviews.

Putting your book on Amazon and hoping isn’t enough if you want it to build your business. And I’m sure that you want to sell your book to more people than your best mate, your mum and your clients.

The thing about writing a book is that you can reach more people with your message. Through platforms like Amazon (and others are available!) you can get your book out to people all around the world, and grow your business from this base if you have the other fundamentals right first.

Other people endorsing your book is essential. Reviews on your back cover or inside your book and a brilliant foreword can help. But having reviews from people who clearly don’t know you can make or break your book’s success.

Amazon reviews will help your book to be found by more people and increase your rankings, as the more reviews you have, the more popular your book is likely to be. And when you also hold an Amazon launch alongside this, it’s likely to be even more successful.

So what might stop you?

One of the things that stop some people from asking for reviews on Amazon is worrying about what people might say. What happens if people don’t like your book or leave a bad review? Well I believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion. And actually having a mixture of good and bad reviews shows that it’s not just your raving fans who are reviewing it for you!

Another thing that may stop readers from leaving a review is knowing what to write. So give them guidance – a few sentences is good, sharing what they enjoyed most about the book, how it has helped them, and insights it’s generated.

One of the downsides though is that when people buy your book through Amazon, you don’t know who they are, unless they later sign up for downloads or bonuses that you offer through your book, which is definitely something I always suggest you do.

So here are my tips to get more Amazon reviews.

How to get more Amazon reviews:

  1. If people have reviewed your book during its editing, ask them to add a review onto Amazon.
  2. When you personally sell your book, send a letter or note with the book asking for their review.
  3. Keep a record of people who buy your book at events or speaking engagements, and follow up with them.
  4. Give your book away – if you wish to do so – to those who are willing to give you a review.
  5. If your readers have signed up to your mailing list, drop them a line to request their help.
  6. If you’ve held a book launch, contact everyone who attended and ask them to leave a short review.
  7. Give people an incentive to leave a review like a bonus once they’ve completed it or the chance to win a competition.

Social proof is one of the six principles of persuasion penned by Robert Cialdini, and the others are equally important for your Amazon book listing.

It’ll also helps if you have a well laid out authors page, effective product description that tells people what they’ll get from the book, and your book available in both Kindle and physical book so that people can choose how they consume it. You can read my other Amazon tips at this blog.

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