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Tips for writing a book – how long will it take to write it?

On a recent radio interview, I was talking about my tips for writing a book. I was asked the question: How long does it take to write a book?

Well, of course it does depend on what else you have going on. So I thought you’d be interested in the answer and my tips for writing a book quickly and easily.

Writing a book can feel overwhelming. That thought of potentially writing 50,000+ words can be daunting, can’t it?

I believe that the easiest way to write a book is by breaking it into bite-sized chunks. So I’d like to put this into perspective. Continue reading

Interview with Kevin Stansfield, author of ‘The Big Dipper’

The Big Dipper by Kevin StansfieldWriting a book was on Kevin Stansfield’s bucket list, and in 2010 he attended his first book writing workshop.

Although he wrote 10 chapters quickly, it wasn’t long before he hit a brick wall and the book ground to a halt. He worked on the book in his spare time, but it wasn’t finished or published.

Then in 2016, we were introduced to each other, and I became his book mentor. With weekly calls, he now had accountability, support and direction to get his book done. And earlier this year, my team and I published his book.

The Big Dipper: How to Survive the Rollercoaster Ride of Business Ownership was published in June 2017. Listen to our recent interview to find out more. Continue reading

I’m doing a TEDx Talk and other events coming up!

I have some really great news. I’ve been invited to do a TEDx Talk this autumn. This has been on my bucket list for a while, and not surprisingly I said yes!

Read on for the details, and find out more about the other events that my team and I are involved in over the coming months.

Monetize Your Mission Summit: 28 August-1 September 

I’m speaking on the Monetize Your Mission Summit (28 August – 1 September), a FREE online event hosted by Jen Hall, Business Clarity Coach and Impact Expert. It features 21 leading industry experts who are all ready to share their secrets on how to uplevel and play big! Click here for FREE accessContinue reading

Interview with Emma Heptonstall, author of ‘How to be a Lady Who Leaves’

Emma Heptonstall book launchFormer lawyer and divorce coach, Emma Heptonstall wrote and published her first book How to be a Lady Who Leaves in June 2017.

I recently interviewed Emma and asked her to share her journey and tips that helped her to write and publish the book in just over a year.

What she found most useful about working with Librotas is that all she needed to do was write her book. My team took care of the editing, proofreading, design and publishing, and my role was to keep her focused.

In our interview, I asked Emma for her top pieces of advice for budding authors. She said: Continue reading

Louise Wiles – from idea to publishing deal

In 2015, Louise Wiles and Evelyn Simpson made the decision to write a book for their business, Thriving Abroad.

Louise was inspired after reading a book about writing a book and using it as a marketing tool, and they embarked on their journey. They soon realised that they needed a purpose to write the book and did extensive research to provide their readers with the best advice.

Their book is Thriving Abroad: The definitive guide to professional and personal relocation success. It brings together their experiences of living abroad and relocating regularly, and working with clients who relocate.
Continue reading

Why I became a book mentor

book mentor summer challengeAre you working on your book this summer? 

I find many people shift their focus this time of year.

You may have some downtime and use this opportunity to focus on your business and your books.

So I thought I’d take a moment to give you an update of what’s coming up and how we can help, and share a podcast where I was recently interviewed by a former client.  Continue reading

How to create the perfect book structure

book structureOn my recent Book Masterclass, I talked about how difficult it can be for some business authors to choose the right topic for their book.

They often have lots of ideas, lots of knowledge and then they struggle to put together the perfect book structure.

If you don’t start with a structure, then the book will be very hard to write, and even harder for your reader to read.

You’ll probably bounce around on many different topics, and there may not be a strong theme.

You may face writer’s block, start to doubt yourself and also lose momentum with writing and finishing your book. Continue reading

Steve Preston – from stuck and procrastinating to writing 60,000 words in a month

I recently interviewed Steve Preston, the Career Catalyst. After writing and publishing his first 2 books, he was struggling with his third. Last summer he was feeling stuck and fed up with procrastinating, and decided to sign up for the 10,000 Word Summer Book Challenge.

The challenge was the catalyst that helped him to get his focus back, gave him clarity and the motivation to finish what he started.

Remarkably, Steve went from a standing start to 20,000 words in the first week and ended with 60,000 words at the end of the challenge.

It was the kick start that he needed and Steve published his book, Portfolio Careers in May 2017.

Interview with Steve Preston

I’ve known Steve for many years and in our interview, he shares his own personal story and the motivation behind writing his books, as well as many tips that will help you on your book writing journey, whether you’ve just started or are experienced in writing books.

He finishes the interview with his top 3 tips for budding authors.

So settle down with a cuppa or go for a walk with us in your headphones, and listen to this inspirational interview.

And if you want to be like Steve and focus on your book this summer, whether you want to write 10,000 words or 60,000, then here’s the link to sign up for the Summer Book Challenge.

How to find time to write a book

time write a bookThere are 7 challenges that many business authors face when they decide to write a book.

I’ll be talking about these in more detail in my upcoming Book Masterclass, and in the meantime, I’d like to mention the fourth one in this week’s blog post and give you some tips if you’re struggling in this area.

One thing that many of my clients struggle with is finding time to write their book. Continue reading

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