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Is writing a bestselling book important?

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If you’re writing a book as a business building tool, how important is it that you write a bestselling book?

Here’s the case for and against having a bestselling book.

I’d love to know which you choose to do!

The case against having a bestselling book

Last year I was at a networking event with one of my clients, who had just launched her book. She was asked by another member what her goal was for her book. How many copies does she want to sell? And how will she feel when the book becomes a bestseller?

So I may shock you now. For your book to be successful, it doesn’t need to be a bestseller. It doesn’t need to be on the Times bestseller list. It doesn’t need to be on the top 10 at WHSmiths. And you could even give the Amazon bestseller charts a miss. You may prefer to pre-sell your book or even go down the crowdfunding route.

The thing to remember is that the success of your book may not be how many books you sell, but how well it helps you to build your business. If you’re writing a niche book, it may not appeal to a wide audience but it more likely to bring in business in other ways.

One of the ladies who I interviewed for Your Book is the Hook gives her book away. It’s not on Amazon or in the book stores, but it has hugely increased the success of her business by using this strategy.

Would you prefer to sell many thousands of copies or bring in thousands of pounds of income from other sales?

It’s also important not to wait until your book’s launch to start promoting your book. You need to start from the moment you begin to write it. You need to build a community of people who can’t wait to read it. You need high quality endorsements and the next steps for your readers to help them once they’ve read it.

The case for having bestselling book

On the other hand, it’s great to add ‘bestselling author’ to your list of accolades.  I followed the Amazon bestseller plan for my first two books very successfully. Although for my second two, I choose other ways to promote them widely and for the third, I successfully pre-sold the book and an accompanying programme, which bought in £16k of income in a short period of time.

When you have a good plan, focusing on creating a bestselling book will have multiple benefits.

  • It will make you promote your launch and this will help you to get focused on making it work.
  • When you have other people involved with your promotion and supporting your launch, it will help you to reach a wider audience.
  • You’ll focus on a range of activities to get your book noticed, such as email, social media, and getting PR.
  • You’ll develop the impetus to create collaborations with others who can support you to get your book out there.

And even if you don’t hit the dizzy heights of number one, you’ll have still raised the profile of your book more widely.

Do you want your book to become a bestseller?

One of the ways I support my 1:1 clients is by helping them to become an Amazon bestseller. It’s also covered in chapter 17 of Book Marketing Made Simple, so grab your copy today.

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