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How easy is it to become an Amazon bestseller?

Last week I held the online Amazon launch for Book Marketing Made Simple, and it hit the no. 1 bestseller spot.

But that wasn’t the sole purpose of my book launch.

It was part of a bigger plan to help reach more people with the book, and support those who wish to write and publish their books successfully.

However, the resulting Amazon bestseller status certainly made it worthwhile putting the launch plans into place!

I’m often asked ‘How easy is it to become an Amazon bestseller and hit the no. 1 spot?’ So I decided to share my thoughts in this blog.

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Authors on tour!

After the success of our latest Author‘s Journey event and Book Marketing Mastermind weekend, I’d like to tell you about what’s coming up online and in Portsmouth, Southampton, London, York, Edinburgh and Spain. authors on tour
We’re on tour – and we’d love to meet you!

Book Marketing Made Simple Book Launch: Wednesday 7 June, online

Sign up now for advance notice of the online launch of my new book, how you can join me – and get lots of bonuses at the same time!

The Big Dipper Book Launch: Monday 19 June, Southampton

One of my clients, Kevin Stansfield launches his new book The Big Dipper, and he told me this morning that he’d welcome you at his launch party! Get more details and the link to his book and event here.

Bookollective event: Wednesday 28 June, London  

Join Sheryl Andrews, myself and our friends at Bookollective for theirSummer Party at Waterstones, Tottenham Court Road, London from 6-8pm.

How to be a Lady Who Leaves Book Launch: Thursday 29 June, York

We then move to York where another client, Emma Heptonstall, author ofHow to be a Lady Who Leaves is holding her book launch, and she’d love you to join us and celebrate. Here’s the link to Emma’s event and upcoming book.
Or if you can’t make the Thursday evening, contact me to find out about an informal breakfast event that we’ll be hosting in York on the morning of Friday 30 June.

Author‘s Journey networking event: Friday 30 June, Edinburgh 

Then we’ll be in Edinburgh for the Author‘s Journey event, a low cost evening networking event for authors, would-be authors and anyone interested in the book industry. I will be talking about my new book, Book Marketing Made Simple, and Helen Monaghan from Successful Business Minds will be talking about her journey.

Planning and writing mini-retreat: 1-2 July 2017, Edinburgh

Over the weekend in Edinburgh, Sheryl and I are running our 2 day mini-retreat, which is perfect if you’re in the getting started phase of your book. We’ll take you through the entire 6 step process to nail your topic, plan your best book, tips for writing, learn how to get published, and strategies to market your book. Leave with a plan to get started!

10,000 Word Summer Book Challenge: runs throughout August, online

I’ll be running the online challenge again to help you to focus on writing your book and encourage you to focus on your first or next 10,000 words with group webinars and regular tips. Details to follow soon.

Writing retreat: 21-26 September 2017, SW Spain 

For some late summer sun, spend 5 days with my team and me in the beautiful Andalucian Mountains for our annual writing retreat, where you’ll get coaching and mentoring support to write your book, edit it, or work on your marketing plan. This is the perfect opportunity to focus on your book, and have an all inclusive break at the same time!

Author‘s Journey networking event: Friday 20 October, Portsmouth  

We’ll be back in Portsmouth for our final Author‘s Journey event of the year, ideal for authors, would-be authors and anyone interested in the book industry.

I hope to see you on one of these events very soon, and let me know if you have any questions.



Grow your business by supporting charities and social causes – interview with Alisoun Mackenzie

Yesterday I had the privilege of interviewing the Compassionate Business Mentor, Alisoun Mackenzie, and chatting about her new book. Alisoun and I met in Edinburgh last year at a client’s book launch. I knew then that we had some great collaborations ahead and this is the first.  

Alisoun Mackenzie wrote her second book, Give to Profit, after realising something was missing in her business. Then a chance trip to Rwanda accidentally changed her life – and her business. This helped her to support charitable causes, build her business doing more of what she loves, and make a bigger difference in the world.

She later realised that many solopreneurs would love to give to charity and support social causes alongside running their business, but many don’t know where to start or what to consider, and how to integrate charitable giving into their business – hence this book.

Click below to watch the interview.

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10 ways to make money from writing a book

make money writing

Writing a book takes a lot of time, right?

And what happens? You start with good intentions to write your book then life gets in the way. Attracting client work takes priority as you can see how that can bring in an income to your business, and the book keeps on going on the back-burner.

Sound familiar?

So how would you like to see how you can make money from writing your book at all stages – whether you’re still writing it, are in the finishing stages or have already launched it?  Continue reading

Thunderclap – a book launch promotion tool

Thunderclap - Book Marketing Made Simple

Do you want to get your message out to thousands of people and tell them about your book?

One of the ways I’m promoting my upcoming book launch is by using a tool called Thunderclap.

Described as an online flash mob, it’s a great way to get a message out to many social media followers at any one time, allowing you to reach more people with your promotion.

*** Please can you support me at this link: ***

And if you’d like more information about Thunderclap, how it works, and how you can sign up, please read on.

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Should you give away a free book?

free book

Why would you give away a free book?

My top tip for day 26 in the Book Marketing Challenge is to give away free copies of your book.

What do you think about this strategy? Are you horrified or does it make some sense?

Writing a book to build your business isn’t just about making money from sales.

Of course, I’d advise you follow the strategy to get to no. 1 on Amazon.

I’d advise you to sell your book at events and via your website.

I’d also suggest that you carry a copy with you at all times, that you can use as a networking prop or sell to anyone who wants one.

And there is something nice about getting a royalty payment in your bank account, or taking cold hard cash for the sale of your book.

In this blog, I’m not saying that you can’t or shouldn’t sell your book – as I do, and encourage my clients to do the same – but there are other ways to use it as a successful business building tool and there are times when I suggest that you give away a free book. Continue reading

Why your book needs Amazon reviews

Amazon reviews

I was recently recommended a book by a member of my community, and automatically went onto Amazon to find it. Although it was only recently released, it had no Amazon reviews.

Putting your book on Amazon and hoping isn’t enough if you want it to build your business. And I’m sure that you want to sell your book to more people than your best mate, your mum and your clients.

The thing about writing a book is that you can reach more people with your message. Through platforms like Amazon (and others are available!) you can get your book out to people all around the world, and grow your business from this base if you have the other fundamentals right first.
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Book PR – How to get more publicity for your book

Book PROn Monday I interviewed my good friend Esther Harris from Bookollective, and she shared her top tips to get book PR.

You can listen to the interview here.

As a new author, there are many things you can do to get more publicity. Things like talking about your book to anyone who will listen (especially those who will support your PR campaign!), getting clear on your message and how to tell your story, and what actually makes you different.

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Is writing a bestselling book important?

bestselling book

If you’re writing a book as a business building tool, how important is it that you write a bestselling book?

Here’s the case for and against having a bestselling book.

I’d love to know which you choose to do!

The case against having a bestselling book

Last year I was at a networking event with one of my clients, who had just launched her book. She was asked by another member what her goal was for her book. How many copies does she want to sell? And how will she feel when the book becomes a bestseller?

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Book offer – want a free copy of my new book?

Book Marketing Made Simple Book OfferIf you missed my webinar earlier this week, you’ll have missed the big reveal of the cover of my new book, Book Marketing Made Simple, which will be out in May. Book offer – read on to find out how you can get a free copy 🙂

This book came about because I found that I was saying the same things again and again to my clients when it come to book marketing strategies.

So I decided to put my knowledge into a book.

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