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Writing a book the easy way

writing a book the easy way

If you’re writing a book, would you prefer to do it the hard way or the easy way?

A book is a big project and it’s not one to be taken lightly. It will take you time to write it. It will be a big part of your life for many months or more. And then you’ve got to publish it and market it!

You need to be committed to writing a book. You need time in your diary, and you need to have a plan to get it done.

And if you’re not sure where to start, here are my tips to help you to do it.

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Your book is the hook

Your Book is the hookThe most important thing about writing a book is writing the right book. 

The right book is the one that will help you to build your business. You need to find your unique hook that enables you to stand out from the crowd, capture your reader’s attention, and makes an impact with those who need to hear your message.

But it’s not always easy to find the right idea. There may be lots of things going on in your head, and you’ve got to pick the right one for now.

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How to get referrals from your book

business referralsA book is a brilliant tool if you want to get more business referrals.

But having a dream to write a book is one thing, and putting your ideas into action is another!

The main problem with many business authors is that they have lots of ideas. They don’t know how to pick the right message. They struggle with structuring their topic, and they may be woolly about who their book is for. That’s where I can help.

When I work with my clients, the process of writing the book enables them to get clearer on their message, polish their elevator pitch, and of course publishing their book is the icing on the cake!

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What do you enjoy most about your work?

5 chairs enjoy work‘What do you enjoy most about your work?’

This was a question that I was asked by Louise Evans last week. I was in Florence for her book launch party. She asked me the question when we met for dinner a couple of days before to discuss her event.

As Louise’s book mentor, I’ve supported her to write 5 Chairs 5 Choices. A leadership trainer and coach, Louise works with organisations in Italy and internationally. Her book showcases her ‘5 Chairs’ process which helps people to master their communication, own their behaviours, and gives them the tools to manage the behaviours of others.

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How to build the know, like and trust factor

know, like and trustYou may be wondering how you’re ever going to find time to write your book.

It feels like another milestone to achieve. How are you going to manage it alongside everything else in your business?

You’ve got your head down focusing on your marketing and doing everything you feel that you should be doing to get in front of the right people.

But there’s only so much information that people can glean from your website, your social media presence or even meeting you at a networking event.

And I hate to tell you this, your message and your name may be easily forgettable.

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5 reasons why most business authors fail


Writing a book doesn’t guarantee your success.

Just putting your words down on paper and hoping that it will help you to attract more clients isn’t going to cut it.

And actually most business authors and their books fail.

Why you may ask?

Here are 5 reasons why most business authors fail

  1. They write their book and do nothing with it or launch it halfheartedly. They consider it done and then jump onto the next new project rather than consolidating what they’ve already created. Continue reading

How to get ROI from your book


Have you ever thought about how you’ll get a ROI (return on investment) from your book?

Writing a book can be scary in terms of the time, money and the energy it takes to write it – and that’s without the little voices that might get in the way! This puts many people off getting started. So that’s why I’d love to share this story with you.

I was speaking with one of the ladies on the recent writing retreat, who worked with me on her first and second books. She is now on her third – with many others in the pipeline.

As a management accountant she was talking to me about the ROI (Return on Investment) for her clients. They invest in coaching, mentoring, programmes and training, yet the majority don’t measure whether it was worth it.

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The problem with running a writing retreat

writing retreatIt’s Sunday morning and it’s 3.30am. I wake up suddenly and it’s quiet, too quiet and the room is pitch black. The silence is occasionally interrupted by a donkey baying in the distance. And then my mind starts whirring, ideas flying around in my creative brain.

After 30 minutes of thinking, I know I have to write them down before I forget them. I don’t feel tired despite going to bed just 3 hours earlier after celebrating the 40th birthday of one of our clients.

The unexpected ideas, the sparks of inspiration, and the aha moments: That’s the only problem with running – and attending – a writing retreat!!

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How will your life lessons inspire others?


If life hasn’t taught you anything, then you probably won’t have any lessons to teach your clients.

But let’s get down to reality. Life has its challenges, its ups and downs, and hey none of us know what’s around the corner.

The things that have gone wrong in our lives are the things that have shaped us. Our lessons and learnings are the things that will allow us to help our clients.

When you’ve had failures and frustrations, you’ll be able to guide people so that they don’t have to face the same things that you have gone through.

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Why you and your story matters

storyOne of the reasons why some of my clients write their books is to share their story.

They’ve been through experiences that will help others.

They want to give people the tools that they didn’t have.

It’s also cathartic to get their message down on paper.

But it’s not always easy.

I certainly found this when I wrote The Mouse That Roars, and I shared part of my story in last week’s blog. As well as the experiences I recounted, my inner critic got in the way more times than I care to mention! And if it wasn’t for the support that I received to write and edit it, it would probably still be on the back-burner.

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