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Tip 8 Get known for the right reasons

To get known, many people will attempt some kind of networking.  Most people will get out there and find local events and start to build relationships with potential joint venture partners, connections and you may even find clients too.  It can be a lonely business, especially if you run your coaching business from home, so these connections are essential for you success… To receive the full top 10 tips for coaches, register at if you haven’t done so already.  You will also hear advice from Duncan Brodie and Marian Way.

Tip 7 Get ahead of the competition

As you will know from following the last tip, once you position yourself as an expert, it makes it easier to focus your marketing and therefore get the clients that you want to serve in your business.  But what else can you do to get ahead of the competition? Well I do need to mention that you need to be a great coach. I have to say that training and experience has to be number one… To read the full tip and hear from Supercoach, Michael Neill, register now at

Tip 6 Become an expert

In tip 5 I touched on how you can get clients, and to be perfectly honest, most coaches find that they get more clients is when they have an area of expertise.  Now I will put a caveat on this statement as not everyone I interviewed for my book agreed with this statement, however, it can help to position you are the go-to person for potential clients to get a particular solution… To see the full post, just go to and find out how what Duncan Brodie and Steve Marriott did to become experts in their field – the full tip will come out tomorrow.

Tip 5 How to get clients

When I did research earlier this year, around 60% of the coaches I surveyed for the What stops coaches from running a successful business? report, raised ‘getting, finding and retaining clients’ as a key issue when it came to their business success.  To be perfectly frank, there are dozens of ways to get clients…

To see the full post, register at and you will receive the report, What stops coaches from running a successful coaching business?  You will also learn one of Suzy Greaves’ great ideas on how to get clients.

Tip 3 Get business skills rather than busyness skills

The third tip of the Top 10 Success Tips for Coaches is get business skills rather than busyness skills!

How often do you find that you are busy doing stuff in your business but are not bringing in enough income? We can all be busy, but unless you are out there making money, you are going to find it hard to run a successful business…

To get immediate access to the full post, just go to and discover what action you can take to get the results you desire in your business.  You can also find out what Transformational Coach Gladeana McMahon has to say as she has been running her business for more than 20 years.

Tip number 2 Believe you can do it!

The second of the Top 10 Success Tips for Coaches is to believe you can do it!

When you are running a business, it can sometimes feel lonely, frustrating and like things are not moving forward fast enough. I’m sure that you agree that it is at these times that your beliefs can limit your success. We all have beliefs, some of which empower us and some of which limit us… to receive the full post, just go to and find out how you can make sure that you create beliefs that empower you to transform your business success.  You will also find out what Executive Coach, Blaire Palmer things about beliefs.

PS Check out the preview teleclass – ‘What Every Coach Needs To Know When Setting Up Their Business’ taking place on Monday 1st November.

Tip 1 Align your personal and business values

The first of the Top 10 Success Tips for Coaches is to align your personal and business values.

Values are the things that are important to us, they affect our thoughts and our actions and are the basis for many of the decisions we make.  If you discover that you are no longer living your values, it can make life and work more difficult to manage… to receive the full post, just go to and find out how you can make sure that your personal and business values are truly aligned and how you can develop your own successful business.  You will also receive a top tip from one of the coaching experts interviewed for my book.

The Top 10 Success Tips for Coaches

Over the coming weeks I am going to be sharing my exclusive Top 10 Success Tips for Coaches.  You can sign up for your tips at and receive the free report What Stops Coaches from Running a Successful Business? The first tip will be out soon!

You will find out some amazing tips to kick start your business, some of the building blocks to success and get a preview of my new book.  So what are you waiting for?  I can’t wait to share these with you.

What problems are faced by new coaches?

From my personal experience, many people decide to become a coach because they have a passion to help people, to make a difference and help them to live a life they desire.  However, in practice, many coaches struggle to make a living from being a coach.  Even some of the successful coaches I interviewed for my book worked part-time as they started to establish their business.  From working as a freelance journalist to working in a shop, many of them knew they weren’t going to be an overnight success.

For many people, they get great coaching training, but then suddenly realise that if they want to become self-employed, they are not just a coach, but a business person too.  They need to learn the skills to do this, such as developing a business plan, creating a business model, networking, getting to grips with blogging and social media, doing the financials, and on top of that, getting clients too.

But it isn’t just about the coaching and business skills, it is about mindset too.  It is about not giving up at the first challenge, shying away from fear and not limiting your success.

Let me share with you a quotes from one of the great coaches interviewed for my book, Blaire Palmer.  She says, “I believe that if you believe a thing is possible, you find a way to make it work, to make it happen.”

So what do you want to make happen today?

PS To create your own winning mindset, check out the next Success Club teleseminar here.

What does success mean to your coaching business?

When I have talked about my new book to people, one of the questions they ask me is what does success mean?

This is a very good question. The word success has been a very crucial part of my research, but I have found it is very unique to each individual.

Now in my book I define success as “the achievement of something desired, planned or attempted” or “a result or outcome”.  I believe the key to success is in terms of running a business is “having the knowledge; the knowledge of how businesses really work, and not just the technical knowledge about a product or service”.

Success to my interviewees and their coaching business meant very different things, but generally encompassed the following themes:

  • Work/life balance – having a business that fitted in with their life and their values
  • Financial reward – although for many this was not the primary importance, to be successful you do need to be earning enough money to make a profit and have a reasonable living
  • Helping others – pretty much key to any coach

What does success mean to you in your business?

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