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The 3 stages of book marketing

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Many people leave their book marketing until it’s too late, as mentioned in a recent blog post. They fail to build their community whilst they’re writing their book or put the systems into place to make marketing easy.

And others run out of steam during or after they publish. Then they wonder why they ever started writing their book in the first place.

In my opinion, there are three stages of book marketing:
1. Pre-launch marketing
2. Book launch strategies
3. Post-launch promotion
Each of these require a very different approach, and I’d like to share them with you in this week’s blog.

1. Pre-launch marketing

This is the stage you’ll be in when you’re thinking about writing a book or may have already started. During this time it can be tough to see how you can fit in marketing, as well as running a business, serving clients AND writing a book. But it is crucial and it will save you time later when you do it well.
You’ll be setting up your systems and building your community, and hopefully you’ll have some of these things in place already. Things like:
  • Creating a lead magnet so that you can build your fan base alongside writing your book.
  • Developing your sales funnel so that you have the next steps for your readers after they’ve read your book.
  • Building awareness of your brand through social media, podcasts, videos or webinars.

These are the advantages of doing marketing at this stage.

  • You can engage with your ideal readers and do some research for your book.
  • You can get feedback on your writing by sharing it with your readers.
  • By the time your book is published, you’ll have an audience who can’t wait to buy your book, or may have already engaged your services.

2. Your book launch

The next stage is your book launch, which ideally you’ll be planning during the final stages of writing and editing your book. This is important because many people decide to launch their book, but do so quietly. And this isn’t going to help you to stand out!

The idea of having an effective book launch is to raise your profile and if you already have people waiting for your book, it will make this so much easier. You may do things like:

  • Holding a book launch party to celebrate your book’s publication.
  • Engaging in PR for your book, getting publicity on the TV, radio, or in magazines and newspapers.
  • An Amazon bestseller launch that helps you to reach the number one spot.

The advantage of a planned launch like any (or all) of the above will help you to create a buzz with your book.

  • You’ll reach people who haven’t heard of you before.
  • You may well engage with others who will support the promotion of your book.
  • The act of doing any type of launch well will give momentum to your book and help it to reach those who need to read it.

3. Post-launch promotion

Then it comes to the post-launch promotion. The most important thing when it comes to your book is not losing steam after you’ve published and launched it. For your book to continue to be successful, there are some fundamental things you need to put in place so that your hard work doesn’t go to waste, and you keep the momentum going with your book’s promotion.  You can do things like:

  • Speaking engagements, exhibitions, book signings or a book tour.
  • Record and publish a digital or audio book if you haven’t already done so.
  • Create products and programmes off the back of your book so that you can develop multiple income streams.

Just continuing to talk about your book, taking a copy with you everywhere and mentioning it in your elevator pitch will remind people that you’re an author and the valuable message that you share.

  • You’ll be seen in a different light to your competitors just because you’ve written and published a book.
  • You’ll become recognised as a person with something valuable to say, which in turn will raise your credibility.
  • People will get what you do easily and you’ll find it easy to grow your business through referrals and recommendations.

Book marketing hints and tips

If you’re thinking … Well that’s all well and good, where do I start? Then I’ve got the perfect solutions for you.

Join me for the Book Marketing Masterclass on Monday 20 March where I’ll be talking about this in more detail.

My new book, Book Marketing Made Simple covers all of this and more, and you can pre-order it now.

And to go into more depth on the topics that I’ve mentioned, do sign up for the 30 Day Book Marketing Challenge, which starts on Saturday 1 April.

To be successful, the most important thing is not to do everything. You need a plan at each stage to create the best impact with your book, and I’d love to show you how.

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