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Book Mentoring

If you are writing a business book, self-help guide or memoir, then there are various ways you can work with me as your book mentor.

You can check out my online programmes, two day events in the UK, and writing retreat in Spain, or read on for one-to-one book mentoring programmes.

90 Minute Breakthrough Session – £250

You can book a 90 minute Breakthrough session if you want help with any part of the book writing, publishing or marketing process. This is the perfect solution if you want to pick my brains or need clarity or a confidence boost.

You might want help with things like getting clear on the topic and direction for your book, tips to get started – or finished, how to create a webinar or product from your book, developing your sales funnel, how to become an Amazon bestseller or any other topic related to your business or your book.

These are usually taken as a one-off sessions to get specific support or advice on your book’s planning, writing, publishing or promotion. Click here for details.

Book Planning or Marketing Day – £1200

Intensive Planning day – Want to get started with your book? Want a great plan and blueprint to get started? Book a day with me to turn your great ideas into valuable content with a solid structure. Leave with a plan to get your book finished with all the steps you need to write and launch your book. Get tips to stay organised, motivated and focused to get your book done.

Book Marketing day – Want to put together a successful book launch and marketing strategy?

Spend a day with me focused on building your business from your book. I’ll take you step-by-step through the best processes to promote your book, and show you exactly what you need to do and when to get your book noticed and to create products and programmes off the back of it. You’ll leave with all my best tips to help you to make money from your book and sell it successfully.

Both programmes include a 30 minute follow up call and are available in Hampshire and London, including lunch and refreshments.

Intensive VIP Book Mentoring programmes – from £3500

VIP one-to-one mentoring programmes are offered upon application only where I work intensively with you to go from your idea to a published book in 9-12 months.

We start with a day together and you’ll get regular support, accountability and mentoring to write, publish and promote the right book that will support and grow your business.

You can select our planning and writing package, publishing package or ultimate package, which includes 12 months of intensive support

Click here to find out more.

“Without Karen our book would never have got off the ground. A mix of the one-day book planning session and coaching calls led us through the process of definition and then writing. What is powerful about Karen’s approach is that the book writing sits firmly within the context of business development. If you want to write a book that is a business asset then Karen is the expert with the process that will ensure that you are writing and then marketing the right book.” Louise Wiles and Evelyn Simpson, Thriving Abroad, authors of Thriving Abroad: The Definitive Guide to Professional and Personal Relocation Success.