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What is a business building book?

business building book

I talk a lot about writing a business building book, so I thought it might be useful to define what I mean.

A business building book is not about ‘buy my stuff’ or ‘sell sell sell’. It’s an authentic way to connect with your ideal reader and reach those who may not have heard of you before. It doesn’t have to be icky. Actually having a great book is a great sales tool in your hand without it feeling salesy!

In my view, a good business building book is one that:

  • Builds your credibility and puts you in a different league to your competitors.
  • Supports your business, so is therefore is aligned to the needs of your clients.
  • Helps you to give them the best advice, share your story and great value content.
  • Enables you to reach more people and new audiences, raising your profile.
  • Is a platform for other products or programmes, enabling you to develop new income streams from your book.

How a business building book will give you results

So let me go into this in a little more detail.

Building your credibility – the very act of writing a book may well build your credibility as a thought leader (as long as it’s a good one!). Many of my clients attract new clients due to their book, get more referrals, and make a bigger difference to the lives of their readers. You’ll also probably find that your book will put you in a different league to your competitors, especially if they haven’t yet written a book.

Supporting your business – one of the reasons why I talk about writing the right book for your business is that your book needs to support your business and meets the needs of your clients. It needs to answer their most pressing problem or give them insight and information that they are looking for. When you’ve done this, it will help you to grow your business from your book.

Giving your best advice and content – when you’re really clear on your ideal readers and clients, this will help you with your message. Actually one of the added advantages of writing a book for many of my clients is that it helps them to  consolidate what they already know. This in itself will help you with your business as you’ll get clearer on what you do, how your journey or story will inspire others, and how you can get their message to those who need to hear it.

Reaching more people and raising your profile – with a well thought out marketing plan, when you launch and promote your book, you’ll not only support your existing community, you’ll also reach new audiences who have never heard of you before. This will help you to build your business and serve more people than you can on a one-to-one basis.

Building your platform – your book will help you to build a platform for other products or programmes that allows you to share your expertise widely through products, events and other services that you provide those who need your support. When I work with clients, we don’t just focus on the book, we also focus on other programmes that can be launched off the back of it.

Let’s get your book noticed!

If you’re ready to write and promote your business building book, then contact us to find out how we can help you. Contact us for a free book strategy call or find out more about our online programmes and other resources.

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