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Would you like an easier way to stand out and get noticed by your clients?

If it was easy to run a business, more people would be doing it. It can be challenging to market yourself effectively, know which actions to take and have the time to do everything that you feel you should be doing.

It can be confusing when you see different business models, many ways of promoting yourself, and overwhelming in deciding which step to take first.

As you are here on this page, I’m sure that you know that you need to stand out in your business, build your credibility, but perhaps you need a bit more support to get noticed.

It’s not enough to be the same as everyone else, and when you get the know-how, encouragement and knowledge, you’ll discover what makes you different, and how you can use your expertise to get results and more clients.

You probably want to know:

  • How to nail your message that will allows you to attract clients easily and effortlessly
  • The right strategies to employ to generate more income and create financial freedom allowing you to enjoy your business and the other things that are important to you
  • What marketing techniques and web strategies will accelerate your business and get you the best results

So join me on one of my personal one-to-one business mentoring programmes and let me show you how.

Who is Karen Williams? 

web compressed picHi, I’m Karen Williams and back in 2006 I learnt the hard way how to set up and run a successful business. I thought it would be easy – get 1000 glossy brochures printed, order some business cards and set up a website. I thought I’d go along to networking events and people would be clamoring for my services, but boy was I wrong!

It wasn’t until 2009 that I discovered exactly what I needed to do to develop a successful business. I spent a lot of time learning from the experts who do it already and subsequently wrote my first book about it, which became an Amazon best seller.

064Now I am the author of three business books (and working on two more!), a business coach and mentor, a sought after speaker (and a firewalk instructor too!)  I predominantly work with  coaches, therapists, consultants who want to make a difference, but realise that to do this they need the skills to create a successful and profitable business.

There are certain things you need to do in the right order, but it is also about harnessing your unique skills, strengths and abilities to make it work for you. I like to share the short cuts to keep your project going strong and give you the confidence to stretch yourself and aim for bigger things.

Who are you?

  • You’re likely to be running a business already, but you’re struggling to get regular clients and create that successful business that you desire.
  • You want to develop products and programmes that allow you to monetise your knowledge and put the systems in place to make this process easy.
  • You’d like more leads, get profitable speaking gigs and develop your online presence.
  • You are ready to step up and write a book, and want to know how to use this to develop your credibility and expert status.

Wherever you are right now, let’s sit down and work out what needs to happen for you to create the successful business that you want and develop an action plan to make it happen.

Lisa BarberYou were able to quickly ‘cut through the noise’ and find a way for me to align my passion and talent into a business model. You facilitated the design and development of both my signature system and ethical bribe on the day. Not only did you clarify my thinking but I could actually visualise how my website would look and operate by the end of the session.

Within just one half day session Karen helped me to channel the energy, drive and ideas effectively, and I knew exactly what I had to do next. I walked away with a realistic action plan that put a spring in my step and a client in my diary before I’d even signed off on my new logo!

Lisa Barber, Roots and Wings,

How does business mentoring work?

You’ll follow one of my business mentoring programmes, which will be tailor-made for you. You’ll get crystal clear on your vision and how you will get there. You’ll develop the confidence to just do it and get over anything that might stop you. You’ll know how you can be that expert that you already are, and be comfortable in sharing your knowledge and story.

Then you’ll put it all together into a plan to get noticed, sharpen your marketing strategy and concentrate on what you need to do to make it all happen. And when you’re ready to do so, you’ll write that book that establishes you as an expert and builds your credibility.

How to work with me

There are various ways of working with me, from an intensive two hour Strategy Session, up to the Six Month Business Breakthrough programme detailed below.

To discuss the options that are best suited to you, please contact me today to apply for your free business strategy call. You can click this link to email me or call 023 9200 6418. You’ll receive a short questionnaire and if it looks like there is a good fit, then we can arrange a time to chat further.

VIP Day (£1200)

If you are ready to write a book or develop a focused plan for your business, I recommend you join me for a VIP day in Hampshire or Surrey, where we get to grips with your big goals.  Including lunch and refreshments as well as plenty of know-how and advice, you’ll get the time and headspace to immerse yourself in your business, get some detailed planning done, and decide the next steps that you need to take.

6 Month Business Breakthrough mentoring programme (POA)

The six month programme is is designed to give you motivation and momentum to get you started or get you refocused on your business. You want to develop strong business foundations, get your message out through speaking, products or events, develop a plan to monetise your knowledge, and you’ll probably be thinking about writing a book.  You want intensive support to create new ideas, with regular accountability, advice and guidance. This starts with a two hour a strategy session, with ongoing one-to-one calls and email support.

6 or 9 Month Business Book mentoring programme (POA) – go here for the full details

I worked with Karen through her 3 month “Kick Start Your Business” programme. When I began I wasn’t even sure whether I wanted to continue with my own coaching business. Karen’s patience, compassion and stand for me have enabled me reconnect with my passion for inspiring families to function and grow together through clear communication. Her “seven steps to success” gave me the structure, direction and change in mindset I needed to see a way forward for my business. I am inspired, excited and clear about how I can express and fulfil on my passion and make a success of my business.

Anne Lamerton, Inspiring Choice,


Thanks to Karen I am now absolutely clear on what I need to do to get up and running, have decided on my niche and am planning my marketing.

Without Karen I know that I would still be procrastinating and dreaming rather than taking daily action

Corrine Thomas, The Direction Finder,


After my first chat with Karen, I knew I wanted to work with her.  She is very approachable, knowledgeable and committed and I never felt in anyway sold to….it was more like a joint venture that we were embarking on.  There was some hesitancy for me around the financial commitment but Karen got me to see how investing in myself now would prove greater benefits in the future.  She was so right, month on month since working with Karen my income has increased .  I also attracted new clients as a direct result of the changes that I had made in my business.

Before working with Karen, I was a therapist, now I am a business owner.  I am able to have a clear focus on where my business is going, I am up above the weeds of the day to day work and have a sharper client focus.  I have always been passionate about my work but working with Karen and allowing her to challenge me, my message in my language, my website and face to face has become so powerful and I truly value my worth in what I do.  I would and have done, recommend working with Karen to anyone who wants to grow their business or has a business spark….

Janet Smith, Emotional Wellness Coaching,


Jo BrewinWhen I first contacted Karen I was fed up of trying to figure out how to start and get my business off the ground by myself. I was struggling to create a marketing strategy, decide on my niche and get to grips with newsletters, social media etc.

After working with Karen for 4 months I now understand my USP, who my ideal clients are and how to reach them. She has taught me how to generate leads from my website so I can build a list and what, how and when to use social media.

I feel so much clearer about marketing and how to sell and have a much clearer and more realistic business plan.

It has been such a rewarding experience to be able to talk to someone with the knowledge and expertise that Karen has. She understood how much my business meant to me and has given me the confidence and skills to continue building it.

Jo Brewin, The Spiritual Voice,


boyd hayward“When I started working with Karen I was a musician who was a life coach. My business had no shape or vision, and within three months, I now have direction and clarity and I’ve developed my brand. Karen has helped me to create a signature system that gives my business a framework, which is at the heart of everything I do, including my book which will come later.  I now know who I am, what I do and who I want to talk to, which has helped me to put my first talks in my diary and get my website focused on attracting my ideal clients.  I’ve also come away with a practical plan to become more visible and develop my credibility in my area of expertise.” Boyd Hayward,