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Interview with Emma Heptonstall, author of ‘How to be a Lady Who Leaves’

Emma Heptonstall book launchFormer lawyer and divorce coach, Emma Heptonstall wrote and published her first book How to be a Lady Who Leaves in June 2017.

I recently interviewed Emma and asked her to share her journey and tips that helped her to write and publish the book in just over a year.

What she found most useful about working with Librotas is that all she needed to do was write her book. My team took care of the editing, proofreading, design and publishing, and my role was to keep her focused.

In our interview, I asked Emma for her top pieces of advice for budding authors. She said:

  • Get support with your book as it’s easy for life to get in the way.
  • Focus on your zone of genius, and get a team so that you can focus on your writing.
  • A book isn’t a money-making activity in the here and now, but it will help attract clients in the future.

Emma took a unique approach to her book. She’d take herself into a cafe to write it long-hand, and then used the voice recognition software on her Mac to type it up. In our interview, Emma talks about how her book took 366 days to finish!

How to be a Lady Who Leaves successes

What have Emma’s results been so far?

Emma’s book is selling really well, and it’s significantly raised her profile and credibility as an expert. It’s already helped her to reach new clients.

She was featured in her local papers leading up to her book launch party, which was then picked up by the I newspaper. She not only had a double page spread, but was also featured on the front page. Her publicist is currently talking to a popular morning TV show alongside other media opportunities.

She’s currently preparing for her Amazon launch. If you’d like to help Emma with her bid to get to number one, and are willing to share it with your community, click to sign up.

You can listen to our interview here.


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