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Should you give away a free book?

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Why would you give away a free book?

My top tip for day 26 in the Book Marketing Challenge is to give away free copies of your book.

What do you think about this strategy? Are you horrified or does it make some sense?

Writing a book to build your business isn’t just about making money from sales.

Of course, I’d advise you follow the strategy to get to no. 1 on Amazon.

I’d advise you to sell your book at events and via your website.

I’d also suggest that you carry a copy with you at all times, that you can use as a networking prop or sell to anyone who wants one.

And there is something nice about getting a royalty payment in your bank account, or taking cold hard cash for the sale of your book.

In this blog, I’m not saying that you can’t or shouldn’t sell your book – as I do, and encourage my clients to do the same – but there are other ways to use it as a successful business building tool and there are times when I suggest that you give away a free book.

Last year, I spoke to a couple of people who wanted to write a book that they could give away to their clients and prospects for free. If you read Wendy Shand’s case study in chapter 17 in Your Book is the Hook, you’ll see how she has done this very successfully in her business, Tots to Travel.

When you put the right business strategies in place, your book will lead to more clients and more income through products, programmes and events. It will lead to opportunities, like speaking engagements, that help you to get in front of more of the right people.

The best ways to give away a free book

If you want to give away a free book – that may lead to lucrative and valuable results – here are some things you can do, and I’ve done all of these myself:

  1. Send a copy to people who are interested in working with you.
  2. Use it as lumpy mail. Send it to people who are on your list of people or companies who you’d love to work with.
  3. Give it away at your events to your clients as a thank you for being there and complement their learning.
  4. Include it as a bonus when people sign up for your one-to-one or group programmes.
  5. Use it as a give away when you speak at an event or exhibit at an expo as a prize for one lucky person.
  6. Use it as a lead magnet on your website or via a Facebook ad. You could charge postage and packaging if you want to cover your costs. Or you might want to give away a few chapters before you publish your book.
  7. Donate a copy for a charity raffle or auction.
  8. Use Goodreads and give a few copies away in return for promotion to their list.
  9. Sell it for free on Kindle for a limited time to help it to get up the Amazon bestseller lists.
  10. Send copies to influential people and ask them to review it on Amazon. Or you could ask them to endorse your book by giving it a review that you can include in the book and on your website.
  11. Get into magazines or newspapers by sending a copy to influential editors or journalists.
  12. Use your book to get you guest blog posts, newsletter articles, book reviews, or speaking engagements.

What else could you do?

If you think about it, all of these are great profile raising tools and ways to generate word of mouth interest in your services.

When you are using these consistently and regularly, then your reputation through your book will build your business.

You will reap the rewards by people recognising what you do and the value of your work.

Oh and people love to reciprocate and share the stuff that they love!

  • That’s why your book needs to be the right book – and your best book.
  • That’s why your book needs to demonstrate your expertise.
  • You need to share your story and experiences authentically.
  • It will help when you take people outside your book and onto your mailing list, so that you can build a relationship with them.
  • You can tell people how you work with your clients and the results that you get in your book.
  • You can also give people details of how they can get in contact and work with you further.

If someone finds your business on the web or meets you in a networking event, it’s easy to forget your name or get distracted.

But when your book is on someone’s book shelf, then who are they going to call when they need help in your area of expertise?

Would you give away a free book?

I’d love your comments on this post.

Please do like and share, and I’d love to know whether you’d give away your book for free?


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