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web compressed pic 2The bestselling author of 5 books, contributor to many more, as well as supporting my clients to write their own, I love helping people to stand out by sharing their message in writing.

Your book is a great hook to get noticed by your clients and set you aside as an expert. Here are the details of my books.

The Secrets of Successful Coaches – March 2011

My first book happened by accident.  I was doing some research for my NLP Master Practitioner modelling project where I modelled the mindset behind a successful coaching business.  I spent time with many successful coaches and entrepreneurs and I learnt their secrets.  When I found that they were sharing with me very similar strategies, I decided to write a book about it.

The Secrets of Successful Coaches, was published in 2011 and included extracts from my interviews with 11 successful coaches including Gladeana McMahon, Michael Neill, Dawn Breslin and Suzy Greaves. It quickly became a number one best seller on Amazon.

“This fast moving book will help you to help others as a professional coach with methods and techniques that can be life-transforming” Brian Tracy – Business Guru and Author of How The Best Leaders Lead

“If you are considering training as a coach or running your own coaching business then you would do well to read this book by Karen Williams. Karen shares with us her experience of setting up a coaching business and her journey to learn more about being successful by speaking to some well know and successful coaches. Using their experiences and some NLP style activities you can work through this book in a structured way to help you uncover your own path to coaching success.  Many business books are hard to read but Karen’s easy to read style made this a great book for me, wish I had read it when I’d started my business over a decade ago” Rebecca Jones, Business in Red Shoes

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How to Stand Out in your Business – November 2012

I then implemented the strategies that I’d learnt from these business owners and many more, and in November 2012 I published my second book based on these successes.

In How to Stand Out in your Business, I teach my 7 step success system for coaches and solopreneurs.  I share the 7 key steps to be successful in business, how to get noticed for the right reasons and rapidly raise your profile, the marketing strategies that work for your business and how to use them to get results and the latest strategies to stand out on stage and write a book.

“Karen Williams has done it again and written a must-read for all those starting out in business. Grounded, inspirational and real with 7 practical steps on how to do everything from deal with ‘fraud syndrome’ to win lots of awards, this is a book that will hold your hand as you create BIG success in your business” Suzy Greaves, The Big Leap Coaching Company

“This book will show you not only how to have great fun and fulfilment as a business owner; you’ll also discover how to get into flow and create abundance too!” Rachel Elnaugh, www.rachelelnaugh.com (formerly of Dragons’ Den)

Your Book is the Hook – February 2015

My third book Your Book is the Hook outlines the 6 steps you need to take if you want to write a book to stand out and get noticed in your business. Modelled on the system that I use myself and with my one-to-one clients, you’ll get the tools to go from idea to published book in just 6 months.

“An excellent, no-nonsense and comprehensive guide to writing and marketing a book. With clarity & wisdom Karen Williams cuts through all the ‘blah blah’ about publishing and tells you precisely what you need to know. Affirming, practical – a great read” Sarah Lloyd-Hughes, Ginger Coaching and Training and author of How to be Brilliant at Public Speaking

“Finally, an easy to read and well structured resource that helps you create a book that is designed to grow your business. Writing a book is one thing, but structuring, designing, publishing and marketing a book so that it builds your brand and brings in new clients is a whole different matter.

I particularly loved the chapters on how to self-publish and put together a marketing campaign to promote it. I wish this book was around when I published my first book; it would have saved me making the basic, newbie errors that I am now avoiding with my second.” Karen Skidmore, Marketing Mentor and author of Shiny Shiny

The Mouse That Roars – December 2015

My fourth book The Mouse That Roars: A Shy Girl’s Guide to Living Courageously was published in December 2015.

Part-memoir, part self-help, I share my story of how I transformed from a 14-year-old mouse into a polished, confident entrepreneur who travels the world, and does crazy things like jumping out of planes and walking on hot coals.

You’ll find out about the turning points that changed the course of my life forever, like the few words that my boss said to me in 2006, which led to me becoming a coach and setting up my business. You’ll learn about how I persuaded 11 successful coaches to be involved in my first book in 2009, and the ‘Year to Live’ project which I started in 2012 which change my approach to life.

Be inspired with strategies to live consciously and courageously, make the most of every moment, and cope with the inevitable ups and downs on your journey.

“This is an inspiring, heartfelt call to action for all introverts who want to live their true potential.” Suzy Greaves, Psychologies Magazine

“I’m not sure what I was expecting: a business book, a personal book, fictional book based on facts and in fact what I got seemed to be a culmination of all 3 which is some achievement. I particularly liked the boxed hints and tips that fell alongside your story. I enjoyed finding out a lot more about you, and your book just validated my own thoughts. How scary though to put everything out there in the open and bare all. Bravo Karen”. Tracy Harris, My Virtual Concierge

Book Marketing Made Simple – June 2017

Book Marketing Made Simple takes you through everything you need to know to market your book from the day you decide to write it until way after your book’s launch.

“Karen’s new book has hit the nail on the head and Karen’s wealth of experience will help so many authors or wannabe authors see their work flourish. She offers fantastic advice that makes perfect sense in a practical and easy to follow format. I was hooked from page one and you will be too”.  Angela De Souza, Women’s Business Club and author of I Did it in my Pyjamas

“I loved this book! From start to finish, it’s absolutely crammed full of useful and inspirational advice on how to get the most out of writing and publishing a book, written in an easy to follow, bite-size chunk approach. This is a step-by-step guide how to build a successful business with a book as a core marketing strategy. And having published 5 books herself, Karen Williams knows her stuff when it comes to book-aligned marketing”. Ellen Watts, author of Cosmic Ordering Made Easy

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