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Introducing Librotas Books

librotas-books-portrait-6-x9When I rebranded as the Book Mentor, Librotas, I had a dream to set up a one stop shop for business authors, where I could provide all the support they would need to plan, write, publish and market their books successfully. And to some extent I did. I had a team in place that could help my clients with the areas where I didn’t have expertise – like editing, proofreading, design and publishing.

But now I have an exciting announcement.

Librotas Books

This month I am launching ‘Librotas Books’, a publishing arm of Librotas to help business authors to publish their books easily and effectively. I’ve partnered with Sam Pearce at Swatt Design to provide a bespoke and comprehensive service for our clients.

We’re starting out with my books. I am creating a second edition of Your Book is the Hook, and she is taking me through the client process with my new book, Book Marketing Made Simple. We’ve already got 3 client books following closely behind.

What I love about working with Sam is that she can provide a full design service for clients – bespoke internal and external design, and publication, with worldwide distribution of your book.

It’s taken a while to source the right people for the right tasks, and now I’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to! This means that I have a great team in place to support you with all aspects of writing, publishing and promoting your book, and I anticipate it growing further over the coming months. Let me introduce them to you:

  • Book coaching and mentoring – planning, writing, publishing and marketing: Karen Williams, Book Mentor, Librotas
  • Book coaching for confidence and managing your critic, and co-facilitator at our events and writing retreat: Sheryl Andrews, The Strength and Solution Detective, Step by Step Listening
  • Editing and proofreading: Louise Lubke Cuss, Wordblink
  • Illustrations: Emma Paxton, Imagistic
  • Design and publishing – print and eBook: Sam Pearce, Swatt Books
  • VA support, admin and organising your book launch: Tracy Harris, My Virtual Concierge
  • Retreat and event support: Rebecca Adams, European Coaching Retreats
  • Audio books: Dielle Hannah and Chris Wood, Igloo Music
  • PR, developmental editing, publicity and digital support: Helen, Esther and Aimee at Bookollective

What more do you need?! 

When you’re investing your time to write your book, then it makes sense to get it right first time.

A professional looking and well-written book is going to make the biggest difference to your business, enabling you to stand out and achieve the best return on your investment. When you bring this together with strong promotion and marketing support, then you’ll build your business from your book.

Librotas Books is a tailored service that I’m excited to be offering clients, so please get in touch if you’re interested in finding out more.


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