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Media requests

For media and journalist requests, contact Karen on 023 9200 6418 or click this link to contact Karen.

You can download my latest press release here.

Karen has been featured in the following publications and media.

Here are some recent articles:

Business Partner Magazine “Lessons from the Inca Trail” and “What makes you an expert?” in May and December 2013

Business O Feminin “How to make your business stand out from the crowd” in July 2014

The News Portsmouth “It’s made me aware of what’s important” double page spread in the Lifestyle Section in July 2014

The Daily Express “Spending a year imagining I was dying taught me how to live” in July 2014

Express pic

BBC Radio Tees Interview on the Lisa McCormick mid-morning show on 23 July 2014

Biz Rocks magazine December/January cover girl 2014/2015

Coaching confidence blog Various articles including the latest ‘Why every coach needs to write a book’ in March 2015

New Books magazine Feature in April 2015

Completely Novel ‘5 Things That Will Stop You From Writing Your Book And How To Avoid Them’ in April 2015

BBC Radio Solent Interview on the Katie Martin show on 5 May 2015

Trainingzone.com Book review on 26 May 2015

Women’s Prospects magazine ‘How Writing A Book Will Get You More Sales’ Feature in June 2015

Business Partner magazine Book review on 3 July 2015

Biz Rocks magazine ‘The Power Of Running Writing Retreats’ November 2015

Create the Work You Want Interview series with Sarah Kent March 2016

Her Career confidence interview with Beverley Bramwell March 2016

Self Publishing magazine ‘How I turned being shy into a book and a business’ May 2016

Podcast interview ‘Finding the Hook with Alison Jones, The Extraordinary Book Club July 2016

The 3 Fears Of Writing And How To Manage Them Biz Rocks Magazine August 2016


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