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Louise Wiles – from idea to publishing deal

In 2015, Louise Wiles and Evelyn Simpson made the decision to write a book for their business, Thriving Abroad.

Louise was inspired after reading a book about writing a book and using it as a marketing tool, and they embarked on their journey. They soon realised that they needed a purpose to write the book and did extensive research to provide their readers with the best advice.

Their book is Thriving Abroad: The definitive guide to professional and personal relocation success. It brings together their experiences of living abroad and relocating regularly, and working with clients who relocate.

From idea to publishing deal

In our interview, Louise talks about the lessons they learnt, how the book evolved, why the structure was important, and the biggest challenges that they faced.

One of their biggest successes was winning a publishing deal in 2016. This was the thing that inspired them to finish it. Their book was published in June 2017, around the time of our interview.

Although it’s early days and Louise is yet to see the results of writing the book, it has helped to give the business a sense of purpose, and consolidated what the business is about. That has fed into the vision, message, and the motivation behind the coaching support and other programmes that Thriving Abroad provide to their clients.

She says “there’s nothing like having your book in your hand. To see it in the flesh is lovely – people are buying it and we’ve had interest in bulk orders! It’s not just about book sales, it’s about how it opens doors and starts conversations.”

As the interview concluded, Louise shares her top tips for new authors and what she would have done differently if she had her time again.

You can listen to our interview below.

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