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When do you need to start marketing your book?

start marketing your book keyOne of the things that many people don’t think about when they start to write their book is marketing it.

They start with an idea, they may well plan it out, develop their structure and then they begin writing their book.

Many brilliant authors fail to market their book until the writing is well underway. And this is too late. You can have the best book in the world, but with a poor marketing plan, it will struggle to be successful.

If you’re writing a book to build your business – or indeed any book – you need to start marketing your book before you start to write it.

This was wise advice given by Helen McCusker from Bookollective at our recent Author’s Journey event and I agree totally. That’s why I’ve written my new book, Book Marketing Made Simple, to tell you where to start.

But you might be thinking to yourself: How do I start to write and finish my book when I need to market my book as well? How do I fit in my clients? Build my business? And do everything else on my to do list…

Well it doesn’t have to be complicated – hence the title of my new book! And actually when you start marketing your book earlier, it will become easier to build your community, reach more clients and ensure that people are interested in what you have to say. So let me tell you more about this and give you a few simple strategies that will help you.

Why you need to start marketing your book early

  • You can do market research related to the topic of your book. This will help you to engage with your target reader and find out what they want from your book.
  • You can check that people are interested in your book, and that you’re writing the right book for the right audience.
  • Finding out what other books have been written on your topic will help you to craft your own unique angle and hook, so that you know what makes your book different.
  • You will get clear on your message and this in itself will encourage people to seek you out.
  • This will help you to build a community of people who want to buy your book. Many will become your raving fans and supporters.
  • You will get clear on why you’re writing your book, so that if you struggle with your motivation, you can reconnect back with this reason.
  • It raises your profile as an expert before you’ve actually finished it, because people will get to know what you do.
  • When you tell people you’re writing a book, it puts you in a different league to your competitors.
  • It will make you write it! When you’ve started writing your book, you will be reminded often by those you’ve already told about it. There’s no greater motivator than that!

I’m sure this makes perfect sense now. By taking considered action, you’ll reap the rewards when you complete your book. As I said earlier, you don’t need to make your marketing complicated.

start marketing your bookHere are 5 simple things you can do to start marketing your book:

  1. Blog or create short videos building on the content you’re sharing in your book. This will make it easier and help you to get feedback on your message and what you’re writing.
  2. Tell people you’re doing it so that they keep you accountable, and give them regular updates as to your progress.
  3. Update your website if you need to ensure that the message you’re already portraying is the same that you’re talking about in your book. Then create a lead magnet that leads readers to your book and helps you to build your mailing list.
  4. Start talking about your book at networking events, on social media, and when doing speaking engagements.
  5. Host webinars or interviews so that people can get to know you further.

Want more tips like this?

This April, I am delighted to running the Book Marketing Challenge, giving you 30 daily strategies to focus on marketing your book, 4 group webinars, Facebook forum and so much more. You’ll get valuable tips whether you’ve just started writing your book, you’ve already launched, or you’re keeping focused on marketing after your launch party. You’ll also get some great bonuses including a free copy of Book Marketing Made Simple when you’re one of the first 20 people to sign up. Here’s the link to sign up.

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