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amazon reviews

Why your book needs Amazon reviews

Amazon reviews

I was recently recommended a book by a member of my community, and automatically went onto Amazon to find it. Although it was only recently released, it had no Amazon reviews.

Putting your book on Amazon and hoping isn’t enough if you want it to build your business. And I’m sure that you want to sell your book to more people than your best mate, your mum and your clients.

The thing about writing a book is that you can reach more people with your message. Through platforms like Amazon (and others are available!) you can get your book out to people all around the world, and grow your business from this base if you have the other fundamentals right first.
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Help: How do I get book sales on Amazon?

“Help: How do I get book sales on Amazon?” was a message that I received in my inbox a few weeks ago.

NO.2 GUIDEWhether you love Amazon or not, being listed with one of the largest internet-based retailers is a great way to promote your book. Of course, once your book is on Amazon, it is natural to expect sales, but unless you do some fundamental things first, it won’t be that easy.

You don’t have to fake it like the Bonsai Tree book that was recently reported in The Sunday Times’ undercover investigation, there are simple strategies you can take to get your book up the bestseller list and found by your ideal readers on Amazon.

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5 1/2 steps to get expert endorsements for your book

Red carpetOne of the questions that I get asked a lot is:

How do I get a ‘famous’ or ‘expert’ endorsement for my book?

And when I’m asked this question, my reply is to just ask them!

But there is more to it than this, which is what I’ll be sharing with you in this post.

Actually it’s not so much getting this expert endorsement; it’s about aligning yourself with influential people in your industry.

It’s about these people supporting and praising your book, where they give you a fabulous foreword, a rave review or a glowing testimonial.

Or perhaps you want to feature a celebrity or well known person in your book that will enable you to get some brilliant insights and specialist contribution.

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