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author’s journey

Client interview: Helen Monaghan

helen monaghanWhen Helen Monaghan became a client to write her first book, she didn’t just write one book, she wrote two! Now’s she’s writing a third and an accompanying workbook to her second book.

Like many of my clients, Helen has dreamed of writing a book for many years. She knew that she wanted to help more people, and with limited time available, writing books was the perfect solution.

And after reading the first chapter of Your Book is the Hook, she hired me for support to write them!

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Book events coming soon

Writing retreat book eventsI hope you had a lovely summer. I had a great August running the 10,000 Word Summer Book Challenge. This will be back again next year. But don’t despair, as we‘ve got some great book events coming up soon. Here’s your monthly list of what’s happening!
If you are in the South of the UK, we’d love to see you at our Author’s Journey networking event on 12 September. I’m also really looking forward to the writing retreat in Spain!
We’ve also confirmed our dates for 2017. If you’d like to guarantee your place now, you can book to join us and pay £100 deposit to guarantee your place. We will be in Portsmouth, Edinburgh and SW Spain.
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An audio book, videos and a telesummit opportunity

Recording Your Book is the HookThe audio book

A couple of weeks ago I recorded an audio book demo of the first part of chapter one from Your Book is the Hook.

I was recently introduced to Dielle and Chris at Igloo Studios who want to help authors to create their audio book. I had a few hours in their studio to do the recording.

In today’s fast paced world, many people listen to books on the go. They want to access information quickly. Having an audio book allows you to do this.

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What is the first stage in the book writing process?

Sheryl Andrews and Successful Business MindsI spent the weekend in Edinburgh with Sheryl Andrews, my client, mentor and friend. The purpose of the visit was to attend the book launch of Successful Business Minds by my client Helen Monaghan.

Whilst we were there, Sheryl and I found ourselves discussing the question “What is the first stage in the book writing process?

When I wrote Your Book is the Hook, the first logical step was the actual decision to write your business book. As we listened to Helen talk about always wanting to write, and we reflected on our own journeys, we became aware that something happens before this decision. We have aptly named this the dreaming phase.

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The author’s journey – Why four authors wrote their books

At my recent book launch party, I held an Author’s Journey Spotlight section. I asked four of my clients to showcase their books, tell us why they wrote them and I thought you’d like to hear their stories.

The Author’s Journey – Let me introduce my four authors.

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