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bestselling author

Is writing a bestselling book important?

bestselling book

If you’re writing a book as a business building tool, how important is it that you write a bestselling book?

Here’s the case for and against having a bestselling book.

I’d love to know which you choose to do!

The case against having a bestselling book

Last year I was at a networking event with one of my clients, who had just launched her book. She was asked by another member what her goal was for her book. How many copies does she want to sell? And how will she feel when the book becomes a bestseller?

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Why do you write?

Question MarkMy PR person recently asked me to create a blog about why I write for a magazine article, and I’d love to ask you the same. Whether it’s for a blog, book or a newsletter, I’d like to know your motivation and why you write.

Which of these 7 reasons is why you write?

Through talking with my clients, there are various reasons why they write and here are some of them. Continue reading

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