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Client interview: Helen Monaghan

helen monaghanWhen Helen Monaghan became a client to write her first book, she didn’t just write one book, she wrote two! Now’s she’s writing a third and an accompanying workbook to her second book.

Like many of my clients, Helen has dreamed of writing a book for many years. She knew that she wanted to help more people, and with limited time available, writing books was the perfect solution.

And after reading the first chapter of Your Book is the Hook, she hired me for support to write them!

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The secrets of an effective marketing system

Over the last two weeks I’ve been skiing in Austria, and unless you are a personal Facebook friend, you probably wouldn’t have known that I was out of the country.IMG_0871

One of the things that I instill into my clients is having systems in place that work when you’re not around. Because if you are having a much needed holiday or you find that you’re unexpectedly off sick, you want your business to be able to run without you.

Let me give you some examples of how this works for me: Continue reading

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