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Introducing Librotas Books

librotas-books-portrait-6-x9When I rebranded as the Book Mentor, Librotas, I had a dream to set up a one stop shop for business authors, where I could provide all the support they would need to plan, write, publish and market their books successfully. And to some extent I did. I had a team in place that could help my clients with the areas where I didn’t have expertise – like editing, proofreading, design and publishing.

But now I have an exciting announcement.

Librotas Books

This month I am launching ‘Librotas Books’, a publishing arm of Librotas to help business authors to publish their books easily and effectively. I’ve partnered with Sam Pearce at Swatt Design to provide a bespoke and comprehensive service for our clients.

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Your book is the hook

Your Book is the hookThe most important thing about writing a book is writing the right book. 

The right book is the one that will help you to build your business. You need to find your unique hook that enables you to stand out from the crowd, capture your reader’s attention, and makes an impact with those who need to hear your message.

But it’s not always easy to find the right idea. There may be lots of things going on in your head, and you’ve got to pick the right one for now.

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7 simple pre-launch book marketing strategies

Social Media Websites SignIn their hurry to get their book written, many new authors fail to market their book until it’s finished.

The impact of this is that they struggle to get sales, fail to build momentum, and don’t create a buzz with their book.

The more people who know that your book exists – even before you finish it (yeah I know it feels a bit scary!) – the more people who will be there to support you when you finally get it done.

So that you don’t fall into that trap, I want to give you 7 simple pre-launch book marketing strategies that you can use even before you’ve finished writing your book. Continue reading

4 reasons why writing your book must be at the top of your to do list

writing your book

What’s at the top of your ‘to do’ list?

This is the thing that you know you MUST do. It IS your priority and it IS non-negotiable.

I’ve talked to a few people recently who have ‘writing a book’ on their ‘to do’ list. But it’s not at the top.

It keeps slipping down the list and never becomes a priority.

Sure it’s important to bring in clients and to earn an income, but what if I told you that…

  1. Writing your book doesn’t have to be time consuming
  2. You have all the content you need already
  3. If you don’t do it, someone else will get in there first! 
  4. If you don’t write your book, you’re leaving money on the table

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What does a book mentor do?

Five dollar tip for a great job done

If I had a fiver for every time someone told me that they’d started but not finished writing their book, then I’d be on the way to becoming a millionaire!

The aim of writing a book is to ultimately publish it, reach more people, and make money from writing it, and use it as a brilliant business tool.

It seems like an easy thing to do, but when you get going, there are multiple things that you need to think about… like Continue reading

Do I have enough content to write a book?

A 3D character with a question symbol above his head standing in front of a very large wall of books. Isolated on white background.

When it comes to content and ideas, there are a few things that people worry about when they think about writing their book.

  1. Do I have enough content?
  2. Do I have too much content?
  3. Is my content good enough?

It’s all well and good having extensive knowledge on your topic, but you need to be clear on what your reader wants to hear from you, and it helps to know where to start and finish with your writing. If you’re worried about any of these concepts, then here are my thoughts on this topic. Continue reading

How do I get my book published?

008How do I get my book published is a question that I get asked about a lot.

Do you go down the traditional publishing route, do you get your book self-published or perhaps partnership publishing is a good middle ground?

The general consensus is that it’s a minefield and I do totally agree!

But it’s not just about getting your book published, it’s all the stuff before then – getting your book edited, making sure it is print-ready, and getting your cover nailed too, and I’ll talk about these another day.

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What happens when you write a book

Book photoAt 11am today I rushed to the door as I heard the post land on the mat. In the pile of mail was a parcel for me containing the first copy of my new book.

You’d have thought that as this is my third book, I wouldn’t have had a thumping heart and butterflies as I tore open the paper. And there it was, a copy of my new bright and shiny book with my name on the front cover.

There really is something special about that moment.  Plus a little bit of apprehension when you peer inside and you wonder if it’s as good as you remembered. You worry that despite checking, checking and double checking, whether anything is wrong.  For the first person who spots the first typo, there’s a box of chocolates coming your way!

I was catching up with one of my clients this afternoon who can’t wait for her book to be done. Although it has taken a lot longer than she had anticipated (it hasn’t come on in leaps and bounds as she hoped), what she told me is that it’s already helped her to ‘step it up a level’. She’s realised that she’s becoming good at the research, and that the act of writing the book has helped her to increase her expert status.

It puts her on a different level when working with clients and giving advice, and it’s led to opportunities that may have passed her by if she hadn’t decided to write her book. Things like articles in national magazines, funding for workshops and events, plus it’s given her the confidence to specialise in an area that’s important to her – helping people to eat well to outsmart cancer.

When you make that decision to write a book, something does change inside.  You play a bigger game, you get very good at what you do, and it’s more than actually writing the book, even though that’s important.

That act of telling people you’re writing a book puts you in a different league and you can use this to your advantage. Plus it will help you to make money from your book even before it’s written, just by showing up in a different way.

Oh and of course, there are other strategies that you can implement, but you’ll have to buy the book to find out what these are!

What do you think?

I’d love to have your comments on this post, feel free to add them below.



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