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Tips for writing a book – how long will it take to write it?

On a recent radio interview, I was talking about my tips for writing a book. I was asked the question: How long does it take to write a book?

Well, of course it does depend on what else you have going on. So I thought you’d be interested in the answer and my tips for writing a book quickly and easily.

Writing a book can feel overwhelming. That thought of potentially writing 50,000+ words can be daunting, can’t it?

I believe that the easiest way to write a book is by breaking it into bite-sized chunks. So I’d like to put this into perspective. Continue reading

7 things to avoid doing with your book

avoid doing

There are many things to think about when you’re writing a book, and often it can feel overwhelming.

Where do you start?
What are the steps on the journey?
How do you get published?
Which are the best ways to market your book?
How much will it cost?

These are all valid and important questions and the one I want to answer today is this:

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7 tips on writing a business building book

tips on writing a book

If you’ve been reading my blogs for a while, you’ll know that anyone can write a book. BUT it takes the right strategies to write a successful business building book. This was something that I talked about in this week’s book masterclass where I shared my tips on writing a book.

There’s nothing worse than spending your time and energy writing a book, then finding that nobody buys it.

I’d hate for you to have a cupboard or garage full of books that you can never sell.

Most importantly I’d like to ensure that your book builds your business.
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You can’t write a book in a weekend

write a book in a weekendIf you started this January with the thought that you were going to write a book this year and get it published, how’s it going?

There are a lot of people talking about writing a book at the moment. And there are many people claiming to say that they can help you.

I’ve lost count of the number of so-called experts telling you that you can write a book in a weekend, and setting unrealistic expectations.

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How to build the know, like and trust factor

know, like and trustYou may be wondering how you’re ever going to find time to write your book.

It feels like another milestone to achieve. How are you going to manage it alongside everything else in your business?

You’ve got your head down focusing on your marketing and doing everything you feel that you should be doing to get in front of the right people.

But there’s only so much information that people can glean from your website, your social media presence or even meeting you at a networking event.

And I hate to tell you this, your message and your name may be easily forgettable.

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Are people asking for your book?

asking for your bookI was with a client earlier this week who’s really excited about her book. She’s had lots of people asking her for it, and now it’s time to knuckle down and get it finished.

Like many of my clients, she has multiple ideas, and now she has a plan to get her book (and other related products) out to the people who want to buy them!

Are people asking for your book?

If you’ve got a book within you, how excited are you about it?
Do you get goose-bumps or maybe a funny feeling in your tummy?
Do you feel inspired because you know that you’ll reach the people who need to hear your message?

Then it’s time to do it! Continue reading

Stop procrastinating and start writing

Stop procrastinating and start writing

Are you procrastinating over writing your book?

You’ve got the ideas, knowledge and expertise, but do you find that the actual art of sitting down to write your book doesn’t get done?

Is there always something better or more important to do than actually focusing on your book?

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Why you need to share your best stuff in your book

I was recently asked this question: “Why on earth would I share everything I know in my book? If I give away my best stuff, surely I’ll be giving away the crown jewels, and then no one will ever need to work with me.”

It’s an interesting one isn’t it? A book is a great positioning tool, yet you want to use it to build your business, so it needs to generate clients.

The thing about writing a book is that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. You have all the knowledge and content for the book already and it’s just about sharing it.

But unfortunately unless you’re really well known, it’s unlikely you’ll retire on the proceeds of your book sales!

Here’s my take on it.

When you share your best stuff in your book you will get noticed. Your readers will think ‘well if he or she gives all of this information for the price of a book, how will it be if I work with them further?’

But it’s not just that. Continue reading

How to make money from your book (before you’ve even written it!)

time and moneyLast week I touched on some of the business benefits of writing a book, because it’s not just about the book, but having the right strategies in place to make it profitable.

But many people can’t see this when they start.

One of the things that put many people off writing a book is Continue reading

How to make time to write your book

TimeIn a recent survey, 20% of people who completed it said that time was their biggest challenge when it came to writing a book.

There’s never enough hours in the day and it will never get to the top of your to do list unless you decide to make it happen.

That’s why I’d like to share with you my top 10 tips to make time to write your book.

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