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business building book

What is a business building book?

business building book

I talk a lot about writing a business building book, so I thought it might be useful to define what I mean.

A business building book is not about ‘buy my stuff’ or ‘sell sell sell’. It’s an authentic way to connect with your ideal reader and reach those who may not have heard of you before. It doesn’t have to be icky. Actually having a great book is a great sales tool in your hand without it feeling salesy!

In my view, a good business building book is one that: Continue reading

Why you and your story matters

storyOne of the reasons why some of my clients write their books is to share their story.

They’ve been through experiences that will help others.

They want to give people the tools that they didn’t have.

It’s also cathartic to get their message down on paper.

But it’s not always easy.

I certainly found this when I wrote The Mouse That Roars, and I shared part of my story in last week’s blog. As well as the experiences I recounted, my inner critic got in the way more times than I care to mention! And if it wasn’t for the support that I received to write and edit it, it would probably still be on the back-burner.

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Are people asking for your book?

asking for your bookI was with a client earlier this week who’s really excited about her book. She’s had lots of people asking her for it, and now it’s time to knuckle down and get it finished.

Like many of my clients, she has multiple ideas, and now she has a plan to get her book (and other related products) out to the people who want to buy them!

Are people asking for your book?

If you’ve got a book within you, how excited are you about it?
Do you get goose-bumps or maybe a funny feeling in your tummy?
Do you feel inspired because you know that you’ll reach the people who need to hear your message?

Then it’s time to do it! Continue reading

Physical books vs Kindle

Books vs ebook readerOne of the questions I’ve recently been asked about is whether you should publish a physical book vs a Kindle book.

But before I answer this question, what do you prefer?

Are you the sort of person who likes to hold a book in your hands, smell the ink, and feel the pages between your fingers? You might prefer to keep your book pristine and immaculate, or you might like to get out your highlighter, pen and scribble notes in the margins and fill out every exercise. Continue reading

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