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Thinking about joining us in Spain for the writing retreat?

I’m really excited about our upcoming writing retreat in Spain, which is one of my highlights of the year!

We’ve had a few questions, so thought I’d respond to them in this blog. If you have any further questions, please contact me and I’ll be back to you on an individual basis.

What is the ‘writing retreat’?

The writing retreat is a great opportunity for you to join my team and I in Spain for 5 nights to work on your book. We will support you at whatever stage you’re at, whether you’ve just started, are writing, in the editing stage, or are planning your marketing.

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Fed up with putting your book on the back burner?

writing retreatIn September 2017 we take our annual trip to South West Spain for our writing retreat – 5 days in the sun to focus on your book.

I’d like to give you advance notice of this event, so that you can schedule it into your diary!

Here’s the link to more information:

If, like many people, you have good intentions to write your book, but it’s always going on the back burner, then do read on.

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The problem with running a writing retreat

writing retreatIt’s Sunday morning and it’s 3.30am. I wake up suddenly and it’s quiet, too quiet and the room is pitch black. The silence is occasionally interrupted by a donkey baying in the distance. And then my mind starts whirring, ideas flying around in my creative brain.

After 30 minutes of thinking, I know I have to write them down before I forget them. I don’t feel tired despite going to bed just 3 hours earlier after celebrating the 40th birthday of one of our clients.

The unexpected ideas, the sparks of inspiration, and the aha moments: That’s the only problem with running – and attending – a writing retreat!!

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Join me in Spain for the writing retreat

Writing retreat

When you write a book that is the hook to build your business, it’s not just about producing an effective marketing tool, although that’s part of it.

The journey an author goes on to write the book is where the real magic happens. You are forced to gain clarity of your knowledge.

It challenges you to be confident in what you are saying.

And when you have clarity and confidence, guess what? You’ll attract more clients.

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Why I love running writing retreats

IMG_3691I love being with my clients, and there is something special about working intensively. Like on this year’s writing retreat, spending time with 5 lovely ladies in a beautiful village nestled in the Andalucian Mountains.

You might be interested how these events came about as this is the second time I’ve run my writing retreat.

One of my clients, Rebecca Adams – who lived in Spain for 20+ years – said to me in 2013 Continue reading

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