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When do you need to start marketing your book?

start marketing your book keyOne of the things that many people don’t think about when they start to write their book is marketing it.

They start with an idea, they may well plan it out, develop their structure and then they begin writing their book.

Many brilliant authors fail to market their book until the writing is well underway. And this is too late. You can have the best book in the world, but with a poor marketing plan, it will struggle to be successful.

If you’re writing a book to build your business – or indeed any book – you need to start marketing your book before you start to write it.

This was wise advice given by Helen McCusker from Bookollective at our recent Author’s Journey event and I agree totally. That’s why I’ve written my new book, Book Marketing Made Simple, to tell you where to start. Continue reading

Being visible on the radio

If you’re writing a book or stepping up in your business, you’ll need to become more visible. I’m sure you’ll be doing it to get noticed by the right people and reach those who need to hear your message. So it’s a good thing, right?radio solent

Earlier this week, I was invited to do an interview on Katie Martin’s afternoon show on BBC Radio Solent, as part of the PR for my new book (organised by Helen McCusker from Booked PR).

Although I’ve done radio interviews before, it’s still a daunting process.  Wondering what the presenter will ask me, whether I can answer the questions, or if I’ll forget who I am!

Continue reading

Star Biz conference review

Wow what a conference… 8 fabulous speakers, 21 new firewalkers, a magic show, hundreds of new ideas, goals and aha moments, tons of photos taken, 16 hours of video recordings, 1 fire alarm evacuation (you guessed it!), and £904 raised for charity.

This event has been 10 months in the planning and I’m delighted how well it was received by everyone there.

These are some of the comments I heard:

“I’ve got my mojo back”

“Had a great weekend and feeling totally empowered”

“I am strong! I can do ANYTHING I want! I really needed that reminder this weekend, and I won’t be forgetting it again :-)”

“Thanks to you for a lovely weekend of achieving new things, thought provoking stories, connecting, sharing and a little bit of magic!”

“When’s Star Biz 2013?”!!

And I’m seeing lots of proud business owners sharing their firewalking pictures on Facebook! Even my photographer, Penny Plimmer was one of the brave walkers (see right).

What more can I say… It was a pleasure to host the event and bring some amazing speakers to you. I am delighted that I was joined by renowned speakers Suzy Greaves, Allison Marlowe, Sarah Lloyd-Hughes, Lucy Whittington, Mindy Gibbins-Klein, Helen McCusker and Deepak Lodhia. An event touched with emotion, stories, business strategies, tips, ideas and activities that will change the lives of the business owners at the conference.  Plus I launched my new book, How to Stand Out in your Business at the event too.

Thank you to everyone who made it happen – all the lovely attendees, all ready to step up, stand out and shine!

The charity auction also raised £904 for the Genesis Research Trust (Women for Women), and I’d like to recognise all the authors who donated copies of their books,  for Booked PR for their book bundle, plus Pat Ayling, Deepak Lodhia, Lucy Whittington and yours truly for donating their time for the charity. Oh and thank you to everyone who bid for these items too.

And also thank you for your support Tracy Harris, and my crew, Sam Russell and Jo Bland. Thanks to Rob Hargreaves for capturing the event on video and Penny Plimmer for the photos.  Plus James, Kate and Taryn for managing the fire , fire alarm and firewalk.  OK Oscar speech over!

Be the change you want to see

Don’t we ask a lot from our clients? We ask them to step up, perhaps do something different, and take action, often outside of their comfort zone.

Even before we start to work with our clients, we ask them to trust that we can help them to get the results they desire. We tell them why they need to invest in themselves to change what they’d like to be different (and what will happen if they don’t).

If you expect your clients to step up, are you doing the same yourself?

I was reminded of one of my favourite quotes by Gandhi last weekend. The quote is ‘Be the change you want to see in the world’. For some reason, it really made me question what I’m doing personally.  Am I leading by example? Am I doing the things my clients would expect to see?

Now I know it is difficult to be perfect, but we have to be work in progress.  For example, I don’t believe you can be an effective money coach if you are in debt yourself, and I don’t believe you can support people with good mental health unless you have taken steps to manage your own state.  I also believe that when we’ve experienced something similar to what our clients have gone through, it makes it easier to empathise with them, although bearing in mind that the experiences may not be the same.  Do you agree?

How do you embrace the concept of being the change you want to see in the world?

If you expect others to invest in their life and their development, have you done the same? Do you know what it is like to really invest in you (more than feels comfortable) and take committed action to get results?

If you expect others to stretch outside of their comfort zone, do you do the same everyday? Do you know what it is like to do things that scare you?

If you expect others to have goals, do you have them yourself? How are you measuring them? How will you know you have been successful?

Inspire others

When you are the change that you see in the world, you inspire others to do the same. I’m delighted that when I do my first skydive on 1st September, I have inspired 4 others (so far) to join me.

If you know what it is like to be in your client’s shoes it is easier to enable them to take the next steps.

I help people to step up and shine in their work and business, so I know that I have to do the same.  Funnily someone asked me how I do this last week.  After some thought, this is what I said – I’ve written my first book and I’m writing my second (although I admit it isn’t always plain sailing), I speak in front of groups (although I’m not an extrovert), I regularly set myself challenges (that scare me), I’m always working on myself (and get help to work through my blocks), I get support from others (by asking for their help), and I transform the lives of others (which is an amazing place to be).

One last thing, the biggest stretch for me this year to step up is to create the Star Biz conference.  So if you want to be the change you want to see in the world, take action and join me in November: www.starbizconference.co.uk.

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