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When do you need to start marketing your book?

start marketing your book keyOne of the things that many people don’t think about when they start to write their book is marketing it.

They start with an idea, they may well plan it out, develop their structure and then they begin writing their book.

Many brilliant authors fail to market their book until the writing is well underway. And this is too late. You can have the best book in the world, but with a poor marketing plan, it will struggle to be successful.

If you’re writing a book to build your business – or indeed any book – you need to start marketing your book before you start to write it.

This was wise advice given by Helen McCusker from Bookollective at our recent Author’s Journey event and I agree totally. That’s why I’ve written my new book, Book Marketing Made Simple, to tell you where to start. Continue reading

How you can easily write your book this summer

Young female is writing notes and planning her schedule.

Last August I wrote 33,000 words in just 5 weeks. No mean feat, but I had a strategy that helped me.  I modelled what I did to create my previous books and implemented a system to get words down on paper quickly.

That’s why this August, I’ve created the 10,000 Word Summer Book Challenge to share some of the secrets with you.

Continue reading

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