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publishing a book

Book writing client successes

I’d like to congratulate three of my 121 clients who have published their books in June.

It’s not easy writing a book. Many people struggle to get started and even more people start but never finish.

So let me introduce you to my clients and their books.

Thriving Abroad by Louise Wiles and Evelyn Simpson

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The link between writing and skiing

skiing 5Did you miss me? Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been in Austria, although you probably didn’t realise I’d gone anywhere unless you’re connected with me on Facebook and have seen all my photos!

This has been a regular trip for the last 4 years. I started skiing in 2012 as part of the ‘Year to Live’ project which I documented in my latest book The Mouse That Roars. I decided that it was time to join my husband skiing, rather than doing my own thing for a couple of weeks each year (which I actually rather enjoyed!).

I was in my late thirties when I decided to stretch my comfort zone and take up skiing. If you’re familiar with the four stages of learning model, I’m most definitely still in the conscious incompetence area most of the time!

I’ve also realised the link between writing and skiing based on my experiences. Here are 7 of the lessons that I’ve learnt from skiing that are relevant to life, business and books.

Lesson no. 1. You’ve got to face the right direction

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