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Introducing Librotas Books

librotas-books-portrait-6-x9When I rebranded as the Book Mentor, Librotas, I had a dream to set up a one stop shop for business authors, where I could provide all the support they would need to plan, write, publish and market their books successfully. And to some extent I did. I had a team in place that could help my clients with the areas where I didn’t have expertise – like editing, proofreading, design and publishing.

But now I have an exciting announcement.

Librotas Books

This month I am launching ‘Librotas Books’, a publishing arm of Librotas to help business authors to publish their books easily and effectively. I’ve partnered with Sam Pearce at Swatt Design to provide a bespoke and comprehensive service for our clients.

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Why would you self-publish your book?


There is a popular misconception that traditional publishing is the best approach for your business building book.

Whilst it’s great to have the kudos of being published by a traditional publisher, it’s not necessarily the best option.

There are many ways you can get published these days, from the traditional route, partnership publishing, self-publishing and e-Book or audio only.

In my view, this is why you should self-publish your book.

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Do I have enough content to write a book?

A 3D character with a question symbol above his head standing in front of a very large wall of books. Isolated on white background.

When it comes to content and ideas, there are a few things that people worry about when they think about writing their book.

  1. Do I have enough content?
  2. Do I have too much content?
  3. Is my content good enough?

It’s all well and good having extensive knowledge on your topic, but you need to be clear on what your reader wants to hear from you, and it helps to know where to start and finish with your writing. If you’re worried about any of these concepts, then here are my thoughts on this topic. Continue reading

Physical books vs Kindle

Books vs ebook readerOne of the questions I’ve recently been asked about is whether you should publish a physical book vs a Kindle book.

But before I answer this question, what do you prefer?

Are you the sort of person who likes to hold a book in your hands, smell the ink, and feel the pages between your fingers? You might prefer to keep your book pristine and immaculate, or you might like to get out your highlighter, pen and scribble notes in the margins and fill out every exercise. Continue reading

Why market research is essential for your business and your book

Making decisionsWhen I work with clients on their book, I always suggest they do some market research to find out what their ideal readers want to get from their book. It enables them to find out what problems they’re facing, what they want instead and how the book can help them. Or they may use it to find out which book cover people prefer or which title wows the most. And it’s also good to do this regularly in your business.

One way to do this, especially if you have a community of people who love what you do, is to Continue reading

Why do you write?

Question MarkMy PR person recently asked me to create a blog about why I write for a magazine article, and I’d love to ask you the same. Whether it’s for a blog, book or a newsletter, I’d like to know your motivation and why you write.

Which of these 7 reasons is why you write?

Through talking with my clients, there are various reasons why they write and here are some of them. Continue reading

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