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Karen’s team

We all need help to allow us to succeed in business, and this is my team!

Tracy Harris, my PA, My Virtual Concierge

Tracy Harris MVC TeamTracy Harris has been working with me as my PA since 2008, and our partnership has blossomed and grown year on year.  Tracy has helped my business develop, and continues to support me on many levels, both professionally and personally.

She clearly understands what I need. Helping with sales, marketing, promotions, administration, and technical support, she provides advice when asked, and comes up with innovative ideas for my events.

Tracy has been key to organising all my events, and she is outstanding at negotiating on my behalf.  Her skillset, open and honest approach, and her unwavering loyalty, makes Tracy a very valuable and essential member of my team.

Tracy set up MVC to help busy individuals regain precious time; a commodity that is becoming rare within our ever increasingly busy lives.  Her clients range from busy single professionals to celebrities throughout the UK. Her main focus is helping small businesses to grow by providing valuable Personal Assistant services.

Sheryl Andrews, The Strength and Solution Detective, Step by Step Listening

Sheryl Andrews TeamSheryl Andrews is The Strength and Solution Detective. She is known for helping you do more of what you love and ditch the critic that says you can’t.

Sheryl and I have known each other since 2009. She was my coach during my early days in business. Most latterly I’ve been helping her with her first book, Manage your Critic. During 2016 we started to develop and run our book planning, writing and marketing events in the UK. She also supports me on the writing retreat in Spain.

Whether you are sensitive to the criticism of others, or your own inner voice is leaving you with self-doubt, Sheryl will quickly change your focus. She’ll ask you questions that help you to gain clarity and confidence in the way you work and what makes you different. Sheryl spends her time supporting individuals to be able to work, learn and live at their best, both independently and in groups.

Rebecca Adams, my retreat coach, European Coaching Retreats

Rebecca Adams teamHaving lived in Spain for 18 years, now splitting her time between Spain and the UK, Rebecca set up European Coaching Retreats in 2014. She supports me on my writing retreats in Spain.

Rebecca is a trainer, teacher and coach. She is known for inspiring the people around her to do something different and stand out from the crowd. Rebecca works with business owners who want to offer their clients something special, somewhere special.

She’s fluent in Spanish and can translate, trouble-shoot, deal with enquiries. She can also offer advice about the area, the food or whatever else you’d like to know!

Book support team

I also work in conjunction with Helen McCusker and Esther Harris at Bookollective, Louise Lubke Cuss at Wordblink, and Sam Pearce at Swatt Books.