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7 things to avoid doing with your book

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There are many things to think about when you’re writing a book, and often it can feel overwhelming.

Where do you start?
What are the steps on the journey?
How do you get published?
Which are the best ways to market your book?
How much will it cost?

These are all valid and important questions and the one I want to answer today is this:

What things should I avoid doing with my book?

Here are 7 things to avoid doing.

1. You should avoid doing everything yourself. You are an expert in your business (and what you’re writing about), and other people can help you with related processes – like mentoring support, editing, designing, and marketing your book. If you try and do everything yourself, you’ll struggle to find time to reach your end goal of building your business alongside publishing your book.

2. Never start writing your book before creating a good plan. A good plan will set out the structure for your book and make it easier to write. If you also create a launch plan, you’ll see all the smaller milestones you need to reach to get your book finished.

3. You should avoid editing as you go, as you’ll never move to the next chapter, and you’ll get stuck perfecting your work. It doesn’t matter if the first draft isn’t perfect, you can work on this later!

4. Avoid taking too long with your book. The quicker you get it done, the easier it will become. You may well become sick of it, so take yourself away, join our writing retreat, or just get on and write it!

5. Do avoid distractions when you write. Turn off your phone, switch off wifi, social media and email, and just focus on one thing – getting your book written. Some of my clients like to take themselves away to a coffee shop or hotel, so they are in a different environment when they work on their book.

6. You need to avoid putting off your book marketing. This is something that you need to think about from before you start writing your book until way after your launch. If you leave it too late, you won’t have a community of people who want to buy it, work with you, and love what you have to say.

7. You must avoid keeping your book to yourself. Don’t let your book be a secret. Telling people about it and sharing it with your community are things you need to do sooner rather than later!

Want help with your book?

The first thing that I suggest you do to get more hints and tips, register for the recording of the Ask The Book Mentor webinar which ran on Thursday 23 February.

Then on Saturday 1 April, I’ll be running the 30 Day Book Marketing Challenge which will help you to market your book successfully and build your community of people who can’t wait to buy your book! Go here to sign up.

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