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How to create the perfect book structure

book structureOn my recent Book Masterclass, I talked about how difficult it can be for some business authors to choose the right topic for their book.

They often have lots of ideas, lots of knowledge and then they struggle to put together the perfect book structure.

If you don’t start with a structure, then the book will be very hard to write, and even harder for your reader to read.

You’ll probably bounce around on many different topics, and there may not be a strong theme.

You may face writer’s block, start to doubt yourself and also lose momentum with writing and finishing your book.

So, what’s the secret to creating the perfect book structure?

It’s important to sit down and plan your book before you start to write it.

When I work with 121 clients, I usually start with a VIP Planning day. We get out the post-it notes, the coloured pens and start to scope out their book.

There are various questions that I’ll ask them, which helps develop the right book for their business. This is focused on the right ideal reader, the right problem and the right solution, and helps them to create the right book that will get them noticed by the right clients.

When you have this plan and structure for your book, it makes it easier to write it. It will keep you on track, and you can see the reader’s journey at a glance, helping them go from where they are now to where they want to be.

When I have a mentoring call with one of my clients, I can tell that she’s looking at the plan on her wall that we created together, and this has kept her on track with the chapters. Sure the book has evolved slightly as she’s written it, but it has helped her to build the content and stick to her plan of writing the first draft by the end of July.

A new client was referred to me last month. He’d written 18,000 words but had no structure to his book. In just 20 minutes we had developed his signature system, and he knows that he can use many of the words that he’s already written to create the rest of the content for his book.

And if you have lots of ideas and too much content, join me this summer for the 10,000 Word Summer Book Challenge, as this is one of the first things that we’ll be focusing on.

Here are some of the advantages to creating a good book structure

perfect structure for a book1. It will be easier to write your book. If you’re limited on time, when you scope out a good plan, this will enable you to write in smaller chunks of time when you need to do so.

2. It helps avoid writer’s block. You can see where you need to do your research and what’s coming up next in your book.

3. You will write your book quicker, as when you’ll build up momentum with your writing, it’s easier to get into flow.

4. It makes your book readable, and if you have a system, structure or story, it will probably influence other things that may come off the back of your book, for example, products, programmes, and speaking engagements.

5. Your confidence will increase as you will see progress with your writing, and if you seek regular feedback then this will keep you focused.

6. When you write a book that’s aligned to your business, you’ll automatically start to attract new clients and build your business even before you’ve published it.

The 10,000 Word Summer Book Challenge

So if you want to get all of this and more, join my team and I for the 10,000 Word Summer Book Challenge. We start on Monday 31 July. One of the first things that we will do is focus on who your book is for, what they want to hear from you, and developing the plan and structure for your book.

I recently designed a structure template for a client and I will be sharing this with you.  Come and join us if you’d like to get your book out to those who need to read it quickly and easily, and you’d like the short cuts and support to get focused. Here’s the link to sign up.


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